Our mission is one of support to those that have already given so much for their country,
our fellow Veterans. You have given much of yourself already for your country! Why
would they want to join up again to serve? Because this time it is in direct support
of the community that you and your family are a part of daily!

You are the key to the future success of our Mission. We need you now more than ever,
join us in support of programs that have direct benefit to Veterans and help their
families in Santa Clara County.

There is an AMERICAN LEGION Post near you that would embrace your help and your
friendship. Please call us now. Make today that very special day, get involved.

The AMERICAN LEGION has many programs and committees that need your experience to
aid them in helping the kids in Santa Clara County. Whether you are a Rocket
Scientist or Gardner, you can become the most important person in the world to
a young boy or girl who is in one of our programs or could be with your help.

We need you, to help us serve
our Santa Clara families by
donating the most precious gift
any person can give, your time.

For more information about the American Legion,
contact any of the District Officers, or see the Post Information Page.

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