San Jose IBM PC Club - Membership

Membership is open to IBM employees, retirees, and family members who are served by the San Jose IBM Club.

Click here for a membership application.

If you need to update your home address or other membership data, send an e-mail message to our membership chairman at

For more information about membership, send an e-mail message to our membership chairman at

The San Jose IBM PC Club invites you to join our Club.  When you join, you will receive free e-mail accounts, free web hosting, and access to the online monthly Club Newsletter in PDF format.  If you would like to join the Club, the dues are $10 per year and are due in January for the current year. New members joining throughout the year will have free membership until the next January when dues for that year are due.

You may send the completed membership application form and a check for $10 to John Zimmerman at:

c/o  John Zimmerman
5980 Chesbro Ave
San Jose, CA 95123

General Meetings of the San Jose IBM PC Club are held at 5:00 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month in the computer classroom at the Almaden Community Center, 6445 Camden Avenue, San Jose, California. The classroom is on the second floor. For a map, click here, and for directions to the classroom click here.

The meetings include an information exchange to give members a chance to ask PC questions and receive responses which may help solve problems that members are having with their PC.  The business portion of the meeting includes a description of  what the Board is doing to improve the Club functions, a financial report on the Club's income and expenses, a Technical Support update on the Club's server as well as other technical information, and a description of the topics that will be presented at future meetings. The rest of the evening is turned over to a speaker to present a topic on software or hardware that is of general interest, and time is allowed for members to ask questions.

Since the meetings are open to non members, you are welcome to come as a guest to see if this is a Club that you would be interested in joining.  Our members range in experience from novice to highly proficient, so no matter what your skill level, you will be welcome.  Our Club is a good place to improve your PC skills and get updated on new PC software and hardware.

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