Some of the pictures from my Scrap Book














The picture above was taken back in 2001. The US was in a job recession and good paying information technology jobs were hard to find. This picture appeared in  Silicon Valley Business Magazine. I stood  in front of the Knight Ridder Building located in downtown San Jose.  Times were  tough for High Tech workers. Fortunately things are now picking up again in Silicon Valley.












The picture above was taken at the Mexican Heritage Corporation Plaza Gardens Center 
( MHC ) in San Jose, California. in  August of 2000. MHC held a volunteer recognition dinner to recognize the many individuals and groups that helped with the new Plaza Center. The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers  received an award for designing and assisting with the installation of MHC's Network and Computer Lab.

In the picture above from right to left,  Jose Medeiros  ( I am wearing the tie ), Raul Martinez 
( Wearing a  lavender polo ), Michael Calderon ( Wearing glasses and a disco Danny shirt ) and Juan Macias ( Wearing a black polo ). Art Zaragoza is not shown in the picture ( He was taking the picture).



This picture was taken  in  back in 2001 at my  IBM co-worker & friends home of Dan Roy. I had the pleasure of working with Dan in 1997-1998 while I was employed at IBM Global Services in San Jose and in Milpitas. I supported NT server 3.51 and 4.0 and Dan supported IBM AIX Unix. I will be adding more pictures at a later date so keep checking back!  

Jose :-)