About Me

Welcome to my web site, I really do not know where to start or what I should say about myself?  Hmm .. Let's see, my parents immigrated from Azores, Portugal to the United States when I was two. We lived in East Providence, Rhode Island until I was 5, we moved to Belleville, Illinois for a year until I was six and in 1972 my family finally moved to San Jose, CA, so my Father Antonio aka " Tony " Medeiros could work for GTE. Several years later GTE closed the site in San Jose and my father went to work for Atari where he met and knew Nolan Bushnell and even had been to his home in Woodside several times for company events. 

My family has lived in San Jose now nearly 36 years. My sister Telma and I, attended and graduated from Five Wounds Catholic School and Mt. Pleasant High School. I have also attended Mission College, San Jose City College, San Jose State University Professional Development program, San Francisco State University, Berkley UC Extension, and Diablo Valley College all in California.  The Bay Area is a great place to live, I love the weather and people and many people know it as Silicon Valley, where some of the best and the brightest people live, play and learn.  Living in San Jose for such a long period has allowed me the opportunity to have made some friends that have helped me with learning and given me the opportunity to build their web sites, assist them with building servers, and design and implement their local area networks.


My Interest in Electronics

My first electronics project was a lie detector that I purchased at Radio Shack in the sixth grade ( I never did get it working right ) and I built a Radio Frequency FM / TV Jammer , in high school with a schematic that Mr. Robert E Lillo my high school electronics teacher  gave me and  he entered into the Santa Clara County Fair. My Electronics Teacher Robert E Lillo, liked it so much, he kept it for his class room display.  Mr. Lillo got his first class computer in my senior year of High School and I have to say that was the first computer I used.

My Interest in the Internet

I started having an interest in the internet in 1994 while taking a DOS 6.2  and Windows 3.11 class at the Institute for Business & Community Development.  My class computer had a Netscape browser installed with access to the internet and I was hooked.  Soon after, I ordered my first email account on AOL and I then became fascinated with using email to connect to friends and with hosting  my own web site. Funny thing is that I met my DOS instructor while I was working at the Speed Merchant in 1985. He and his brother both had worked for Atari as well as did my Father and reverse engineered the computer codes used by Automobile computers to reprogram their computer EPROM's so that it would optimize your cars computer  to produce additional horsepower, several years later his company which was in Florida was acquired by Hypertech and he decided to try teaching and moved back to the Bay Area.  He was an excellent Dos and Windows 3.11 instructor and I remember him telling us that he had started programming with Basic and would call Microsoft for support back in the early days. He told us a story of how Bill Gates was one of the support engineers and f that he knew him and Bill had helped him with his issue's at Microsoft and they had emailed each other and gave me Bill's email address. I thought he was lying so I later sent Bill Gates my resume after I finished my NT 3.51 MCSE training in 1996, and to my surprise actually received a reply email from one of his HR people named Christine Parker, although I never got hired at Microsoft, and never really wanted to relocate to Seattle, WA, I have been a loyal customer all these years ( However I do also like Unix / Linux and Mac OS X ). I love San Jose and have visited Seattle while I was a floater for the Super shops Automotive performance centers in 1983-1984 and opened the Everett, Washington store ( At one time Supershops had over 300 stores in the United States but later filed for bankruptcy in the mid 90's and some one recently bought the name and is trying to franchise them ). Seattle is a nice place to visit, but I prefer San Jose, CA, where I grew up.

After a few months on AOL, I soon outgrew it and I wanted to use POP and SMTP to send email ( I could not send pictures using AOL to people on other email systems that were Unix based since AOL's SMTP gateway and mail client was not MIME compliant ), so I canceled my AOL account back in 1995 and I signed up with Tellis ( cobragt@tellis.org ), I was happy with Tellis until about a year later Tellis decided to raise their prices for Internet access, so I cancelled that account and signed up with JPS in early 1996 and my new email address was cobra@jps.net which I had for many years until JPS was  acquired by Mind spring and then by EarthLink. A few months later EarthLink decided to delete by cobra@jps.net alias and I was forced to change my email again, this time it was josemedeiros@(noSpam)earthlink.net, All in All I stayed with JPS for about six years, eventually upgrading to ISDN, and then switching back to basic service when Flashcom offered me IDSL for 49.99. Flashcom could only give me IDSL because of distance issue's with the DSL Dslam at the CO, and that only lasted for a few months before they filed for bankruptcy. After several months with out service EarthLink decided to pick up their customers, so now my dial up access with JPS that I kept so I could keep my cobra@jps.net email address and DSL service were with one company. My IDSL backbone was provided by Rhythms and Flashcom was the carrier. Rhythms also later filed for Bankruptcy and then MCI provided the service until they filed for Bankruptcy and my DSL service was finally disconnected for good. I called EarthLink many times asking them when they would re-active it, mean while I had to use dial up to check mail and while the DSL service was down I and was disconnected, Earthlink kept charging me the 59.99 price for IDSL service for nearly six months before I finally cancelled my account. Their customer service department  would not even credit me the over charge back. So why didn't I just cancel sooner you ask? Well I would have cancelled sooner, but their support staff told me that they were working on it and  it would be restored shortly each time I called and that if I canceled before it was reactive I would have to pay the 200.00 activation fee again. I was still checking my email via dialup, so at least I had partial service. I would have stayed with Earthlink had they continued to allow me to keep my cobra@jps.net email address.

My Interest in Computers

In 1993, while I was working for the City of San Jose's Streets and Traffic department ( I was on the list to be a fire fighter and it was the first job the city offered me that was full time and i needed to pay my rent), while I was on the blowing crew preparing the streets for the chip seal program, a co-worker inadvertently lunged his vehicle forward pulling me back and causing me to fall onto the pavement, which caused a mild concussion injury to my neck, mid and lower back, which forced me to be on temporary disability. My coworker Tim Callahan who was a welder, suggested I try learning computer networking and stated that it should be easy, and that the pay would be better then what I was currently making. My house mate George Brown who was also a Novell CNA on 3.12, suggested that I become a Novell CNE. 

Although Tim was working as a welder with the City of San Jose, few people knew that he had a side business as a developer and programmer and had attended Pennsylvania State as a computer science major before dropping out of college in his younger years to become a hippie and move to the hippie capitol of the world Santa Cruz. Tim also had several developer projects with Digital Equipment Corporation and was a consultant. Why was he a welder then? He loves building things with his hands and enjoyed welding.  Computers where his hobby and his father who was a Mathematics Professor at Pennsylvania State, had know J. Presper Eckert http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J._Presper_Eckert and John Mauchly http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Mauchly ,who worked on the development of the the Universal Automatic Computer - Univac http://inventors.about.com/library/weekly/aa062398.htm and in which the company later became Unisys. The Callahan's also happened to live in the same neighborhood near Penn State.  From time to time Tim and I would have chat's on things I should do and shouldn't do as a Union shop steward, eventually I was able to convince Tim into putting his money where his mouth is and becoming a Union shop steward with Operating Engineers local 3. Tim later exceeded my expectations and became the local President of MEF ( Municipal Employees Federation )  and is now on the City of San Jose's Retirement Board. http://www.sjretirement.com/Fed/Plan/Board.asp . Tim and I have  stayed friends since. 

My First Web Page

To make a long story short, after taking my DOS & Windows Class, and while I was preparing to become a Novel Certified Network Administrator on Netware 3.12, I asked Tim if he could show how to build my own web page, Tim agreed and asked me to drive up to Santa Cruz, where he showed me the website he built for Eric Burden of the Animals back in 1995. I am not sure how he got to know Eric, however he showed me pictures of him at his home in Palm Springs and the Harley Davidson Motorcycle that was being built for him. Eric wanted him to add the pictures of his new Harley up on his website. Tim then gave me a quick overview of HTML,  showed me how to upload pages using FTP and what a news server client was used for and told me to buy Laura Lemay's book on Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML and read it, which I did.

With that knowledge,  I wrote my first page added a few animated gifs and setup my first site hosted by JPS Internet. Not a great looking page, but hey was on the net, and people could find me using Alta Vista. Now back in 1995 we had to use straight HTML and had no HTML editors other the Hotdog, and it took much longer to build a site with a text editor then with the tools we have today, like Microsoft Front Page and Dream Weaver. Later Tim attended a Microsoft event and also mentioned that Microsoft was releasing a new version of the Windows Server Operating System called NT 4 and that he had the Alpha copy and suggested I attend a developers seminar called World Wide Live in San Jose in June of 1996. Tim stated that at the event he was told he could become a MCSE with in a week. I later found out that who ever was in Marketing that told him that had to be lying, the tests took much longer to study for then that, however I did what Tim suggested and attended the World Wide Live event which was my first Microsoft event that took place at the Theaters located on First street.  Bill Gates was the guest speaker televising the event and made it sound like this new Server Operating System was so easy to use and configure with it's new Windows 95 like Interface, I was sure that I could learn it and be good at it. After the event was over,  I remember coming down the escalator and meeting Raul Tapia with Microsoft, who gave me a demo copy of the Beta software as I was leaving. I asked Raul for a second copy, which he reluctantly gave me and saved it for Tim ( Later I discovered that Raul had graduated from Belarmine High School  and he had known Jude Barry from County Supervisors Ron Gonzales's office ). Some how, I always seemed to bump into Raul at numerous Microsoft events over the years.

The next time I drove up to Santa Cruz to meet Tim, I gave him his copy and asked if we could try and install it and build our own web server since Internet Information server, was now built in this new version ( II's for short ). Tim agreed and we both spent the whole day trying to configure IIS, however with no documentation and training we never really got it working right, as we both did not fully understand DNS and TCP/IP. Tim then suggested that I look into becoming a MCSE and convinced me that I could be good at it and the event that he attended stated that you can do be a MCSE in less then a week. So I searched for schools and contacted Microsoft directly for a list of schools in the Bay area that they could recommend. To make a long story short I picked Teknowlogy Education Centers  in San Francisco and in San Jose ( Yes that's the correct spelling and they were later acquired by Productivity Point International http://www.propoint.com/  ). 

My First Microsoft NT 3.51 Class at an ATEC

My first class Microsoft course taught at the ATEC ( An " ATEC" is an authorized training and education center that uses Microsoft official curriculum " MOC" for short, Microsoft has since changed it to a CTEC ) was NT 3.51 Workstation with Michael Vandercreek a NT 3.51 MCSE that lived in San Francisco with his future wife and his cat named Purdy, and I was hooked. NT was cool and he made the class very enjoyable. Next class was TCP/IP taught by the legendary Cathy Moya  and who had formerly worked at 3 Com. Taking Cathy's class was over whelming and I thought I would never understand this, TCP /IP was much harder then I thought, she made me learn how to break down the address into binary which I struggled with, but eventually I picked it up. I also took an Exchange 4.0 Class and NT 3.51 server Class with Michael Pearson, also a very early NT 3.51 MCSE. I also took the TCP/IP class over with Hank Menefee so I could have another perspective and a review to better understand WINS.

After taking each Microsoft  course at Teknowlogy I was determined to learn how to setup IIS 2.0 and create virtual web servers. I was just thinking in my head how once I start working and I had some hands on experience, I would pick all of it up and then it would start making sense and hopefully become good at it. 

Several years later after working at Cisco, IBM, LSI Logic, FlowWise Networks and Intel, I again took another course with Cathy Moya who was also my instructor at Quickstart Intelligence for Windows 2000 Networking in 2001. Hopefully she could she a change in my knowledge of the technology. Cathy was also an SMS expert and that was her favorite product to teach on, she now works for Microsoft in the SMS team and is working on SMS 4.0.

The NT Engineering Association ( NTEA )

While I was taking Cathy Moya's TCP/IP class at Teknowlogy Education centers, Cathy mentioned that a Microsoft user group was starting called the NT Engineering Association - NTEA  www.ntea.net  and the first meeting was being held on October of 1996 and the Santa Clara County Office of Education. So I decided to attend. That meeting had an attendance of over 300 people and was run my Michael Masterson who was the Director of Technical Services at Taos Mountain our first presenter was Bill Wood on the new features of NT 4. Little did I realize after attending that meeting that I would some day be the groups webmaster, postmaster, list server moderator, membership director and eventually vice president and sitting on the board of directors with book author's Michael Masterson and Barry Steifel. 

My First Web Server

My first web server I built, visible on the Internet was in October of 1996, a Windows NT 4 server using Microsoft Internet Information Server Version 2.0. That web server hosted one of Franklin McKinley's very first networked schools website's that was visible on the internet. I continued building servers and networked close to 10 schools while helping with NET DAY 1 & 2 at the Franklin Mckinley School District  and NET DAY 3 and 4 as a  I volunteer team member of  the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers. Developing my new Computer and Networking skills opened many doors and in doing so gave me another opportunity to work with some of the best and brightest individuals in the Computer industry which I am proud to say are former friends, co-workers and colleagues at  IBM Global Services , LSI Logic, Flowwise Networks, VALinux Systems, Cisco Systems , Mirapoint  and  Intel Corporation.

The certifications that I finally obtained are Microsoft Certified Professional + InternetMicrosoft Certified Systems Engineer  and a  Microsoft Certified Trainer and  have taught Computer Information Technology as an adjunct instructor at San Jose City College in San Jose.  I am now working on my  SAN Certifications  from www.snia.org & http://www.asnp.org/  ( Storage Area Networks ) and I am also administrating Microsoft SQL & Oracle fail over database clusters using  Enterprise Fiber Channel Storage Area Networks ( HP EVA 5000 & 8000 SANS ) that host several hundred Terabytes of Data using Brocade Silkworm switch's..

The Web sites that I designed and created 
for my community and friends for free

Some of my latest web based projects are a website that it is dedicated to linking Medeiros' around the world owned by Ray Medeiros. Ray lives in San Francisco, California.  We met over email back in 2000 when I found his name by doing a who's who on the medeiros.org domain name with Network Solutions. I wanted to register it but he already had it, but did not have a web page up yet. I asked if he would like me to help him put up a simple page for free, with no strings attached, he agreed and we met in person to go over what he wanted. Ray has allowed me to share it with him since. If your interested his web site is http://www.medeiros.org.

The other site I have spent several hundred hours on is and a web site for home audio and video entertainment reviews owned by Augie Bettencourt. Augie on the other hand worked at Stereo Habitat in car audio sales back in the very early 80's, had been a friend of my former co worker Jeff Baraza who I worked with at "The Super Shops Automotive Performance Centers ",  back in 1983, and had sold me my very first car equalizer in 1983, a Blaupunkt BEQ60, which was the first gooseneck mounted equalizer for a car. I lost touch with Augie until I saw him at Fry's Electronics in 1991 where he was selling BOSE home audio while going to school. I then ran into him at Cisco's Systems Christmas party in 1999 at the tech museum in San Jose. Augie and I have kept in touch since.

If you have an interest in some of the web sites I have either started or currently do development on you can find them at:

Web sites that I am currently working on:

Home Entertainment Reviewer

Medeiros Family Name Association

Berryess Art & Wine Festival

Sites that I am no longer working on:

NT Engineering Association 
Old site link with Presentations
 New Site: www.ntea.net

Berryessa Citizens Advisory Council 
Old site: www.bcac.org
New Site: http://www.bcaconline.org

United Neighborhoods of Silicon Valley

Mexican American Political Association

Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley
Old Site: http://www.hispanicfoundation-sv.org
New Site: http://www.hfsv.org

St. John Vianney Parish

Please take a moment to watch the Revolution OS Movie below, I am briefly in it with my Intel co-worker Fernando Astorga


The Networks that I installed for free
 at several local Non Profits

I have installed, configured and administrated for free computer and server networks for the following non profits: 

St. John Vianney Parish

The Mexican American Plaza Gardens

The American GI-Forum of San Jose

The Franlin Mckinnley School District

The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers Silicon Valley

Why did I stand in Front of 
San Jose City Hall with a sign in 1993?

In 1993 the City of San Jose attempted to lay-off 500 city employees. I stood in front of City Hall with a sign that stated, " Laid off City Worker will work for food ", and it got the attention of the San Jose Mercury News and Channel 7 & 11 News ( I went to high school with Rico Chicon's son Joey, which may have helped ), fortunately with all the negative publicity the City faced by the local media the City Council was somehow able to accommodate the workers that they were planning on laying off.

Why did I stand in Front of of the Knight Ridder 
building with a sign in 2001?

Fast forward to the year 2001, many technology companies laid off hundreds of thousands of workers in the United States of America over a 5 year period, and finding work that paid a fair wage, where technology companies didn't expect you to have the skills and do the job of three or more employees was difficult or nearly impossible for many to find. Even non profits and government tried taking advantage of the labor market by offering positions that paid very low rates for the experience that they expected ( They consider it the law of supply and demand ). I know many people in their 50's and 60's with Master Degree's that were forced to find low paying jobs if they could even find one at all. Although our Nation's unemployment statistics showed that less then 15 percent were still collecting unemployment benefits in 2002 & 2003, they failed to take into account many of the people that took minimum wage jobs just to survive or their benefits had just expired, so they were no longer being counted.

Even today many technology companies still will not hire full time employees and pay for health benefits, claiming that it is too expensive for business, mean while many companies are making record breaking profits at the expense of the workers. I thank God that I was one of the fortunate few to find work in my career field again even though I had to take a substantial pay cut, and the first company that hired me back as a consultant in 2002 to put in their Microsoft Exchange 2000 Mail Server Cluster and migrate them from their NT 4 domain to Microsoft Active Directory 2000, filed for bankruptcy and did not even pay me for the 100 hours of work that I completed.

So I leave up this picture of me holding my sign to remind company executives, corporate board of directors and share holders of what they do in the name of increased profit and how our life's and futures are affected. 

Is our Teachers and Education System to blame 
for low student enrollment
 in Computer Science programs?

Some companies are now complaining that school enrollment in Computer Science programs is at an all time low and they blame our education system and our teachers, however it is the companies that are setting the poor example. Why would some one choosing a career in computer science want to go into a field that lays off their employees every few years and forces them to start over and take substantial pay cuts?  What message does that send to students? Students want a career they can retire from and not be required to work 100 hours in a week, and not being told that they are lazy or not team players when they want to work only 60 hours in a week and have time for rest.

Companies no longer want to provide health care, or pay for any type of retirement. Everything is about profit today at the expense of the employee. Companies have no one to blame but themselves for the low student enrollment. They are the ones that have set the bad examples. We are not just commodities to be discarded at a whim,   Only some one that really loves the work they do and is crazy such as myself would still choose such a career.

Have companies forgotten that the best education available is real world experience? Do they no longer realize that an employee is their greatest asset? We inspire, we innovate and  do what no un-animated object can do, and we should not be compared to a part that is manufactured and easily duplicated for we are each unique ( In my opinion the teachers in Business school are doing a poor job teaching their students that ). We are not commodities, we are individuals.

Teaching is a calling, 
unfortunately it's just not mine

From time to time, people and some of the local politicians have told me that I should be a teacher or go work for a non profit. In my opinion we are all teachers, however doing it as a profession and becoming an educator is a calling, it should be your passion and some thing that you love doing. I put working for a non profit in the same category. Technology is my passion, possibly when I am older and can retire with out having to sell one's home and not have to down size or move out of the area, I may have a change a heart. I have also been called heartless for not wanting to teach and told that I do not share my knowledge. All of us are teachers in one way or another , mother's and fathers are teachers to their children even if they do not work in that profession. I help others all the time with their computers and websites and never charge for my time, however being a professional teacher in a class room is much different then helping to mentor a friend, neighbor, co-worker or class mate. If you want to be a teacher, do it. It's an honorable profession,  I just hate it when some our politicians tell me that I should be a teacher and then when they are no longer in office they become high paid lobbyists or consultants and do not practice what they preach.

It's always easy to tell other's that you should do this or that, however it's a much different story for most when it occurs to them. So with that said just because I do not want to be a educator does not mean that I do not help people or share my knowledge and If wanting a home, a family of my own and a middle class paying job in my career field that I enjoy working in, and one that I have spent tens of thousands of dollars and years of time in training in to become proficient in and good at, means that I am greedy and heartless, then so be it, I am what I am. You decide for your self who is heartless and greedy, myself who makes less then a fire fighter, police officer, electrician, plumber, HVAC technician and nurse?

I myself have never made a six digit salary for working over 60 hours in a week to complete deadlines that were unrealistic in the first place! 

 Please visit my me on Myspace, 
don't worry, I am not a Pedophile

More information about me is also available on my Myspace site at http://www.myspace.com/josemedeiros1 and if you have a Myspace account send me a friend request and I'll connect to you.

If you are a dog lover, like I, please take a moment to look at my pictures links, I have pictures of my dog Mustang a  very loving, very intelligent, loyal but also very stubborn Rottweiler that is now 7 years old ( I guess he takes after his owner ).

I also  have a website link's page that lists the URL's that I feel are the most important to me.  If you have a minute send me an email or register in my guest book,  I'd love to hear from you and would be glad to help you with most Internet based community project's that are local to San Jose.


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