PART 7.1 - Links and URLs both Absolute and Relative

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We are located on the Museum Web Site in the folder "docentclass"

  • A link is the connection made between documents on the Internet.

    • A LINK Contains

    • The URL (Uniform Resource Locator) i.e. the PATH NAME to the document that you want to link to.
    • Some descriptive text so that the viewer can decide whether the referred to document is of interest
      • In these notes represents a block of text or a file that we want to link TO
    • Yes there is syntax to do all of these things

We will discuss the following today:

  1. Absolute URLs
  2. Relative URL's for named blocks of text in the same file
  3. Relative URL's for files in one folder
  4. Relative URL's between folders on a web site

    absoluteABSOLUTE URLs

  • Absolute URLs

    • They are known as a full URLs
    • They define the location of a file in absolute terms using the full path name and the correct grammar
    • So what are the steps along the path?

      Decide what protocol to use

      • If you want to have the server recognize HTML then the protocol that you want the server to use is:
        • http:// (Hypertext Transfer Protocol)
      • If you want to upload or downoad a file from some web site the protocol to use is:
        • ftp:// (File Transfer Protocol)


        Where do I want to go?

      • What computer out of all of the 10's of millions of computers do you, OH MASTER, want me to link to?
      • You want to link to a specific Domain name (our domain name is

      • Once I get to that domain what folder should I look for?

            • Folder name i.e. /"folderIwant"/ (in our case "docentclass") notice the ubiquitous forward slash /
              • The forward slash / indicates the end of one path item and the start of the next one
              • The / at the end of the path statement asks for the index page located in the last folder in the path name

      • You know that folders contain files
        • The file that you usually, not always, look for is the index file, named aptly, index.html or occasionally index.htm
          • This is also referred to as the home page


    • To Summarize the absolute URL to our site (path name to our site) is:
        • This full path name gets you to
            • The proper protocol http:// for understanding Hypertext Mark Up Files
            • We will also use the ftp:// protocol (File Transfer Protocol) to upload our pages to the Internet later
            • The Museum web site -
            • Into the folder docentclass
            • And to the file index.html
              • So why don't we put index.html at the end of the path name?
              • And what does the forward slash / do?

relativeRELATIVE URLs in the same folder

  • A relative URL relates the folders and files on your own web site to each other

  • You can link to a section within a document or to any document on your web site using relative links

    • You don't need a server type, or a domain name to access a file or folder on your own site
      • On our site web site all files are in the folder "docentcouncil"
      • So the relative URL is simply "somefile.html"

    • The server recognizes that to get to "somefile.html" it must look in the folder containing the linking document to find the linked document
      • If the file is not there you will know. The error messages will pop up in many different forms

    Relative URLs between folders on our own web site

  • In the case where we create subfolders under "docentclass" that we want to link to

    • Then "docentclass" is the "parent folder"

      • Then there could be another file that you want to link to say "someotherfile.html"

        • If "someotherfile.html" is in a subfolder then that folder becomes the "childfolder"
          • If "someotherfile.html" is in a subfolder of "childfolder" that folder becomes the "grandchildfolder"
            • Etc. etc to quote the Yul Brunner version of "Anna and the King of Siam"

        • For example to get to the picture "image.jpg" in the "graphics" (child) folder from "docentclass" (parent) folder
          • the pathname is /graphics/image.jpg
        • To link to a file in the parent folder from a child folder
        • "
          • the path name is ../"filename.html" where filename.html is the file that you want in the parent folder
          • from a grandchild folder to a parent folder ../../filename.html
            • ../ is the server code for stepping up one folder on the server
            • ../../ = how many folders?

            HTML is a tag based language. So where are the tags?