PART 7.2 - Links and URLs both Absolute and Relative

Layout for the 1st hole

Layout for the 1st hole

Layout for the 1st hole


Layout for the 1st hole

Layout for the 1st hole

Layout for the 1st hole

How do we get there? The Anchor tag <A>

  • This tag must be accompanied by an end tag

    • <A ATTRIBUTE="somename" or "somefile.html"> Descriptive text </A>
  • <A> Has only 2 attributes

    • HREF, the Hypertext REFerence attribute, Refers to the URL of the object of the link (pp102)
      • The object can be a folder, a file , a block of text or an file image

    • NAME, the NAME attribute points to a specific named area in a file (pp104)
      • If we want to go to a specific location in a file then you must name it with the NAME attribute before you can link to it. Not unreasonable.
        • How did we NAME the Relative URLs section of the previous document?
    • Let's look at the naming procedure in that document called links.html
    • <A NAME="relative">Relative URL's </A>for a block of text in the same file
      • Place this naming attribute tag right before the text or the first word of the text that you want to name, in this case

        Relative URLS

      My own personal naming convention uses the first word of the text block or photograph name that I want to name. If two blocks have the same first word then I will use the first 2 words run together to name the second block

      • To establish a link to this named text you must use the HREF attribute of the <A> tag
        • To establish the actual link to the Relative section of the previous document the <A> tag would read <A HREF="#relative">Relative URL'S for a block of text in the same file</A>
          • the # character is mandatory for referring to a named anchor
          • Relative URL's is the descriptive text mentioned above
      • Also check out Hal's essay where he activated the super script references
      • <A HREF="documents/halt26.html"> Hal's superscript links"</A> as well as halt81&2.rtf


      Making Links to Other Documents in the same folder

    • If we want to go to back to another document in our folder, say to the previous document e.g. links.html we must point to it using the HREF attribute.

      • <A HREF="links.html">Back to links.html</A> will do it

Connecting to an image

Say that you want to connect to an image on your web site.

  • The proper statement would be
    • <A HREF="image.jpg"> Go to this image for an example of his work</A>
    • As practical example let us link to the 1 hole image on the left border
    • <A HREF ="hole01_map.gif"> Click on this to get to the 1'st hole image</A>

  • To go from a thumbnail image to a large image

    Layout for the 1st hole


    Go from thumbnail to large image

    • <A HREF="hole10am1.jpg"> <IMG SRC="hole01_map.jpg"></A>


Initiating an email response

  • The attribute to use here is mailto:
    • Who do you want to mail it to? Mail to the email address
  • The pathname is for my address is ""
  • The full link which elicits an email form on your screen is
    • <A HREF="">reply to Hal</A>
    • where reply to Hal sits between the tags