Welcome to the IBM Alumni Club web site!

The objective of this club is to encourage and promote community service, educational, cultural, social, recreational,
and charitable activities in the interest of its members and the community until 2020.

The Club plans to sunset in 2020. New leadership has not been found to replace the current leadership.
Applications for new membership are no longer being accepted.
If you are not a member, but once worked for IBM, you may still participate in the activities listed in the newsletter.

Members participate in a bowling league, 2 golf groups, hiking, day trips, traveling trips, an annual picnic,
an annual pasta fest, an annual dinner/dance
and whatever else gets thought up by the club's many creative members.

Most members access and read the monthly newsletter online. Those without access to a computer may receive the
newsletter via the US Postal Service if the club has their updated mailing address. ($10 per year)

The IBM Corporation has established a web site for IBM Retirees. To reach this site, just click on the appropriate link
in the yellow list on the home page.

If you are an active volunteer for a non-profit organization, check the link on the home page called "IBM On Demand
Community." If you sign up and register, and then record the hours you volunteer, you may be able receive IBM money
or equipment for the organizations you volunteer for.