San Jose IBM PC Club  - General Meeting Topic/Speaker Descriptions

When you book a speaker, please try to provide the Webmaster with a description for the Club's Web site that includes the following:
1.  Speaker's Name
Include first and last name.
2.  Speaker's affiliation
Give the speaker's title and company (or organization).
3.  Topic to be presented
State the topic name and give a brief description of the topic.
4.  Features or items to be covered
Get a list from the speaker of the features or items to be covered and include them.
5.  URL reference
Include a URL reference if one is appropriate.

The following is example of a description:

Alan Hamill, Application Engineer at Adobe Systems, Inc., will give a presentation on Adobe Photoshop which is a powerful photo editor with a large variety of editing tools.  Some of the features to be discussed and demonstrated include the Healing Brush to remove dust, scratches and wrinkles while preserving shading, lighting, and texture; Auto Color command to correct colors; applying a transparency or a partial transparency; and superimposing images, text and other elements on multiple layers.  For more information go to

For more examples go to

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