12/03/01 updatelog.htm New A page describing the all the updates after 12/01/01 was added.
12/03/01 access.htm 0 The changing your password description was modified to describe the delayed updating on the SJPC PPP dialup server.
12/03/01 helpindex.htm New A new help index html page was added containing all the major links to help topics. A new member link on the home page will link to this page.
12/03/01 index.htm w Link to help.index.htm file added to member links in yellow.
12/04/01 mailpres.html 1 Link to Multiple E-mail Accounts deleted.
12/05/01 meetings02.htm 1 June 2002 speaker description added.
12/07/01 meetings01.htm 1 DeForrest Home's Comdex presentation added to December  meeting.
12/11/01 contacts.htm 0 Updated officers and contacts for 2002.
12/11/01 contrib.htm 0 Updated how to contribute for 2002.
12/11/01 meetings01.htm 2 Changed two heading lines and eliminated unused columns.
12/11/01 meetings02.htm 2 Changed two heading lines and eliminated unused columns
12/12/01 index.htm x Club links rearranged, Ski Club link fixed, and January 2002 meeting announcement added.
12/12/01 links.htm 0 Correct Eric Baker's school link. Add Russ Munch links to update log, topic log, and Windows 95/98 dialer setup viewlet.
12/13/01 dialersetup.html 2 Add Windows 2000 dialer setup procedure.
12/13/01 helpindex.htm 0 Add separate links to Windows 95/98 & Windows 2000 dialer setup procedures.
12/14/01 dialersetup.html 3 Add Windows 95/98 procedure to install Dial-up Networking.
12/17/01 WSftp.html New Add FTP procedure for WS-FTP LE 5.x freeware program.
12/17/01 helpindex.htm 1 Add link to WS-FTP LE 5.x FTP procedure.
12/17/01 hosting.html 0 Setup link list at top to FTP procedures and delete imbedded links.
12/17/01 ftp.html 0 Add target for DOS prompt FTP procedure.
12/18/01 NetscapeFTP.html 0 Modify download procedure to use Netscape FTP connection.
12/26/01 dialersetup.html 4 Add link to animated viewlet for Windows 95/98 dialer setup.

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