01/09/02 index.htm y Add February meeting announcement, delete link to meetings02.htm, and add link to directions.htm.
01/12/02 directions.htm New Add directions to the Club meetings.
01/12/02 htmlpres (folder) New Add Hal Turk's HTML presentation files.
01/12/02 links.htm 1 Add link to Hal Turk's HTML presentation in member links.
01/24/02 meetings02.htm 3 Add PC ergonomics, Windows XP, gobeProductive, Picture It, and Comdex presentation descriptions.
02/15/02 discount.htm New Add new page to list PC Booster product discount offered by vendor.
02/20/02 discount.htm 0 Add Gyration wireless device's discount information.
02/24/02 meetings03.htm New Add a page for 2003 meeting information.
02/25/02 mailsetup.html 0 Add Outlook Express authentication procedure for outgoing mail.
02/25/02 index.htm z Add March meeting announcement, link to a new discount page, and link to Outlook Express authentication procedure.
02/25/02 discount.htm 1 Add gobeProductive discount information.
02/27/02 meetings02.htm 4 Add Alpha Five presentation description.
02/27/02 discount.htm 2 Add Alpha Five discount information.
03/04/02 hosting.html 1 Add virtual domain at information.
03/09/02 contacts.htm 1 Add Data Base Administrator.
03/09/02 contrib.htm 1 Add Data Base Administrator.
03/12/02 index.htm 0 Add April meeting announcement.
04/03/02 directions.htm 0 Add statement that tailgating through the security gate in not permitted.
04/08/02 access.html 1 Add procedure for web based password changing.
04/10/02 index.htm 1 Add May meeting announcement and link to meeting03.htm
04/12/02 meetings03.htm 0 Add Managing E-mail.presentation description. 
04/25/02 index.htm 2 Add SJPC dialup server to SVPAL connection problem statement.
04/26/02 access.html 2 Indicate that the web method of updating passwords in disabled.
05/05/02 index.htm 3 Add dialup server is back online and  delete SVPAL problem.
05/12/02 access.html 3 Enable web method of updating passwords.
05/12/02 links.htm 2 Add link to General Meeting agenda.
05/14/02 index.htm 4 Add dial-up status link and June speaker.
05/29/02 meetings03.htm 1 Add Microsoft Excel Frbruary presentation description.
06/04/02 meetings02.htm 5 Put all board information in 1 column & revise Windows XP description.
06/04/02 meetings03.htm 2 Put all board information in 1 column.
06/05/02 sjpcmem.txt 0 Delete text version of membership application. 
06/09/02 meetings02.htm 6 Add Board and General Meeting identifiers after dates.
06/09/02 meetings03.htm 3 Add Board and General Meeting identifiers after dates.
06/12/02 index.htm 5 Add July speaker.
07/04/02 software.htm 2 Replace evaluation software library listing with the latest listing.
07/10/02 index.htm 6 Add August speaker.
07/13/02 sjmembpc.htm 0 Increase table row height to give more room to write entries. Delete request for middle initial.
07/15/02 links.htm 3 Add link to IBM Healthy Computing & Office/VDT Workstation Checklist.  Delete dialup viewlette link
07/15/02 ergonomics.htm New Add Office/VDT Workstation Checklist
07/16/02 NetscapeFTP.html 1 Add upload and download to a file folder procedure.
07/22/02 index.htm 7 Add dialup restrictions.  Delete news about status, discounts & move.  Delete links at end of page.
08/03/02 links.htm 4 Add link to PPP dial-up line usage.
08/06/02 contacts.htm 2 List John Zimmerman as Membership Chair, delete Database Administrator, and list Member At Large as open.
08/06/02 contrib.htm 2 List John Zimmerman as Membership Chair, delete Database Administrator, and list Member At Large as open.
08/08/02 t_login.htm 0 Modify Mailman 3.2.9 login with SJPC greeting and no server box.
08/08/02 t_messageform.htm 0 Modify Mailman 3.2.9 compose message to have no server box.
08/08/02 t_help.htm 0 Modify Mailman 3.2.9 help to use inbox and raw terms & no SMPT.
08/08/02 sjmembpc.htm 1 Change membership form mailing address to John Zimmerman.
08/14/02 index.htm 8 Add September speaker to the home page.
08/16/02 windowsxp.htm New Add supplementary Windows XP presentation information.
08/16/02 links.htm 5 Add link to windowsxp.htm.
08/18/02 t_messageform.htm 1 Use i_cap_wblue.gif & I_clear.gif in /home/httpd/incons/mailman-3.2.9.
08/24/02 meetings02.htm 7 Change September speaker to J. B. Burke from Dave Johnson.
09/04/02 meetings03.htm 4 Add Home Electronics & Networking March presentation description.
09/11/02 index.htm 9 Add October speaker to the home page. Change programs.htm link.
09/11/02 software.htm 3 Replace evaluation software library with 10/01/02 listing.
09/26/02 discounts.htm 3 Add Smart Computing and delete gobeProduective from discount page.
10/09/02 index.htm a Add Nov.speaker & spam info.  Delete new server announcement.
10/10/02 virus.htm New Add page with virus information from Sophos.
10/10/02 index.htm b Add link to virus.htm and a news item on the link to virus information.
10/17/02 meetings03.htm 5 Add Adobe Photoshop & photoshop elements May description.
10/21/02 meetings03.htm 6 Add PC Problems & Solutions to April description.
10/24/02 index.htm c Add Spam Control & delete Virus Info, Spam, OE User's information.
11/02/02 mailsetup.html 1 Number all Outlook Express mail setup steps sequentially.
11/08/02 links.htm 6 Add member link to Program Director procedures.  Delete topic link.
11/12/02 index.htm e Add December speaker.
11/12/02 meetings03.htm 7 Add Build Your Own PC to June description.
11/15/02 areadial.htm New Add PPP Dialup Internet Access  FAQ page
11/15/02 areahost.htm New Add Web Hosting FAQ page.
11/15/02 areaintro.htm New Add Introduction & Basics page.
11/15/02 areamail New Add E-mail Services for POP & IMAP  page.
11/15/02 areatext New Add Text Mode Internet & Mail Access page.
11/15/02 areawmail New Add Web E-mail page.
11/21/02 NetscapeFTP.html 2 Correct for Netscape 7.0
11/27/02 ftp.html 1 Add cd, send, rename, and quit to DOS prompt examples.
12/02/02 t_messageform.htm 2 Delete external style table reference.
12/03/02 access.html 4 Change Linux netcfg link.
12/03/02 helpindex.htm 2 Change Linux netcfg link. 
12/04/02 mbrship.htm 0 Add text to describe the Club functions.
12/11/02 index.htm f Add January speaker.
12/11/02 meetings.03.htm 8 Add Comdex Briefing to December description.
12/14/02 links.htm 7 Delete Program Director link & add New CD Programs link.
12/14/02 index.htm g Link to new mailman program, mailman-3.2.9.
12/14/02 helpindex.htm 3 Link to new mailman program, mailman-3.2.9.
12/14/02 e-mail.html 2 Link to new mailman program, mailman-3.2.9.
12/20/02 index.htm h Rename Mid-Peninsula IBM PC Club link & delete Meeetings 2002 link.
12/24/02 contacts.htm 3 Update with 2003 contacts.
12/24/02 contrib.htm 3 Update with 2003 contributions.
12/2402 meetings03.htm 9 Show URL's instead of click here.
12/26/02 index.htm i Correct SETI@home links.
12/27/02 discounts.htm 4 Update Alpha Five discount.
12/29/02 links.htm 8 Delete Munch meeting & new CD links.  Add Baker new CD link.
12/30/02 virus.htm 0 Correct links to &

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