01/04/03 areamail.htm 0 Add Outlook Express attachment opening problem.
01/10/03 discounts.htm 5 Add Alpha Five version 5 information & delete version 4 information.
01/12/03 areaother.htm New Add Other Software page for FAQ's.
01/12/03 helpindex.htm 4 Add link to areaother.htm Other Software FAQ's page. 
01/14/03 newsletter.htm New Move page from home/http/html/newsltr to home/http/html and rename.
01/14/03 index.htm i Change Newsletter link to link to newsletter.htm.
01/15/03 index.htm j Add topic/speaker for February 2003.
01/16/03 newsletter.htm 0 Modify for online newsletter.
01/27/03 meetings03.htm a Add description for the July 2003 speaker on Lotus Approach.
02/08/03 meetings03.htm b Add description for the October 2003 speaker on Wireless Networking.
02/13/03 index.htm k Add topic/speaker for March.
02/24/03 areaother.htm 0 Add spell check problem with Windows XP and Outlook Express.
02/24/03 areamail.htm 1 Add spell check problem with Windows XP and Outlook Express.
02/24/03 links.htm 9 Delete link to PPP dial-up line usage. 
03/05/03 index.htm m Delete dialup server move and APCUG CD information.
03/06/03 software.htm 4 Update evaluation software library listing.
03/09/03 mbrship.htm 1 Delete APCUG CD information.
03/11/03 dialersetup.html 5 Add XP dialer setup procedure.
03/11/03 index.htm n Add topic/speaker for April.
03/12/03 helpindex.htm 5 Add link to Windows XP dialer setup.
03/20/03 index.html 2 Add Internet services restrictions.
04/03/03 index.htm o Replace April 2003 topic/speaker with eBay.
04/02/03 meetings03.htm c Replace April 2003 topic/speaker with eBay.
04/17/03 index.htm q Change software library name from programs.htm  to software.htm. 
04/17/03 index.htm r Replace May 2003 topic with Ask Dr. Tech.
04/17/03 meetings03.htm d Replace May 2003 topic with Ask Dr. Tech.
04/30/03 mailpres.html 1 Corrected link
05/07/03 links.htm a Add Russ Munch member link to new CD program descriptions.
05/12/03 info.htm New Add page for new CD information after it is released.
05/14/03 software.htm 5 Update evaluation software library listing
05/14/03 index.htm r Add topic/speaker for June.
05/15/03 downloads.htm New Add page for downloading non new CD programs. Delete "only"
05/15/03 index.htm s Add link to downloads.htm.
05/17/03 programs.html New Add page with the new CD program descriptions.
05/17/03 links.htm b Change new CD programs link to go to program.html.
05/17/03 downloads.htm 0 Add link to programs.html.
05/19/03 programs.html 0 MBM to Freeware, delete "only", HDSPEED 0.14 &, WS-FTP LE 5.08
05/21/03 downloads.htm 1 Add Active Perl description.
05/21/03 programs.html 1 Delete Active Perl description.
05/25/03 programs.html 2 Link program names to descriptions. Open folders with folder name link.
05/25/03  programs.html 3 Modify as specified by Alan Baker's 05/25/03 e-mail.
05/26/03 programs.html 4 Modify as specified by Alan Baker's 05/26/03 e-mail.
05/28/03 index.htm t Replace June 2003 topic/speaker with Digital Photo Imaging.
05/28/03 meetings03.htm e Change June 2003 to Digital Photo Imaging & move Build PC to August.
06/01/03 areaother.htm 2 "Error reading linearized hint data" added for Acrobat Reader 6.
06/07/03 downloads.htm 2 Make program names the links and delete links column.
06/11/03 clubcd.jpg New Add picture of the new Club CD label.
06/11/03 index.htm u Add July topic/speaker link and new Club CD announcement.
06/11/03 contents.htm New Add page with new Club CD descriptions with folder links.
06/11/03 downloads.htm 3 Link to contents.htm instead of programs.html.
06/18/03 meetings03.htm f Add September 2003 topic/speaker.
06/20/03 programs.html 5 Modify as specified by Alan Baker's 06/09/03 e-mails.
06/20/03 info.htm 1 Add Pretty Good Privacy and VuePrint corrections.
06/24/03 links.htm c Delete links to Club CD suggested programs and descriptions.
07/06/03 info.htm 2 Add IrfanView plug-ins are not in folder.
07/06/03 info.htm 3 Delete all comments on programs due to new master CD created.
07/08/03 programs.html 2 Update to match new master CD.
07/08/03 contents.htm 1 Update to match new master CD.
07/08/03 index.htm v Add August 2003 topic/speaker link.
08/04/03 discounts.htm 6 Delete all discounts except Smart Computing Magazine.
08/05/03 meetings03.htm g Modify September 2003 topic/speaker.
08/12/03 meetings03.htm h Add November 2003 topic/speaker.
08/13/03 index.htm w Add September topic/speaker link.
08/19/03 meetings04.htm New Add meetings 2004 page.
09/11/03 index.htm x Add October topic/speaker link.
09/30/03 links.htm d Add Alan Baker's Wireless Networking link.
10/03/03 index.htm y Redo page with Netscape Composer to clean it up.
10/24/03 meeetings04.htm 0 Add links to meetings 2000-2003.
10/15/03 index.htm z Add November topic/speaker link.
11/04/03 index.htm 0 Add news item about dialup server down January 1-6, 2004.
11/05/03 software.htm 6 Update software library to 11/29/03 listing. 
11/05/03 meetings.04.htm 1 Add topic/speaker for May 2004
11/11/03 index.htm 1 Add December topic/speaker link.
11/14/03 meetings.04.htm 2 Add topic/speaker for January 2004.
11/14/03 topicinfo.htm New Add page with what to includel in a  topic/speaker discription.
11/14/03 links.htm e Add link to member link to topicinfo.htm page.
12/04/03 meetings04.htm 3 Add topic/speaker for February.
12/07/03 update folder New Add folder for pages for update logs by year.
12/07/03 links.htm f Add update log links for 2001, 2002, and 2003 log pages.
12/07/03 log01.htm and 02-04 New Break updatelog.htm into yearly page for 2001-2004.
12/07/03 updatelog.htm Delete Delete multi-year log page.
12/07/03 meetings04.htm 4 Add topic/speaker for March.
12/09/03 index.htm 2 Add January topic link, delete power notice, delete Meetings 2004 link.
12/12/03 contrib.htm 4 Delete help positions and improve job definitions. 
12/12/03 meetings04.htm 5 Add topic/speaker for April

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