01/12/05 log05.htm New Add page to log Webmaster updates for 2005.
01/12/05 index.htm x Add link to topic/speaker for February 2005.
01/12/05 links.htm j Add link to 2005 Webmaster log page log05.htm.
01/17/05 discounts.htm 8 Add CompUSA Business Services discount information.
01/17/05 index.htm y Add CompUSA Business Services to  product discount news item.
01/26/05 index.htm z Add 5:30 PM February meeting start time to meeting announcement.
01/26/05 meetings05.htm 4 Add 5:30 PM February meeting start time to meeting announcement.
02/01/05 idtheftindex.htm 1 Add link to Federal Trade Commission identity theft information.
02/09/05 index.htm 0 Add link to topic/speaker for March 2005.
02/11/05 index.htm 1 Replace dialup server move news item with dialup server back online.
03/09/05 index.htm 2 Add link to April topic/speaker and delete dialup server news item.
03/17/04 index.htm 3 Add news item about main server move to ethernet on March 21.
03/21/05 index.htm 4 Delete server move news & add ethernet upgrade and AOL fix news.
03/22/05 meetings05.htm 5 Add description of the May 2005 meeting.
03/28/05 areaother 6 Add FAQ about cursor disappearing in text field using Windows XP.
03/29/05 HEADER.html 2 Add Acrobat 7 error message to errors requiring setting changes.
03/29/05 areaother.htm 7 Add FAQ to fix Acrobat 7 error in opening PDF file remotely. 
03/30/05 areahost.htm 0 Add FAQ to fix WS_FTP with Windows XP and SP2.
04/05/05 index.htm 5 Add dialup server outage 11 pm 4/9/05 to 3 am 4/10/05 news item.
04/10/05 index.htm 6 Delete dialup server outage 11 pm 4/9/05 to 3 am 4/10/05 news item.
04/11/05 index.htm 7 Add dialup server is down due to a corrupted file system news item.
04/12/05 index.htm 8 Add link to May topic/speaker.
04/17/05 meetings05.htm 6 Add description of the June 2005 meeting.
04/23/05 discounts.htm 9 Add APCUG 04/23/05 discount information.
05/03/05 index.htm 9 Delete dialup server down and add dialup server up on 05/02/05.
05/10/05 meetings05.htm 7 Move June HTML topic to July & and add new June topic of Google. 
05/10/05 index.htm a Add link to June topic/speaker.
05/11/05 meetings05.htm 8 Replace temporary Google description with speaker's description.
05/11/05 discounts.htm a Delete ProShow discounts at request of the vendor.
06/09/05 directions.htm 2 Add that check in at the security gate is again required at SVL.
06/14/05 index.htm b Add link to July topic/speaker.
06/17/05 meetings05.htm 9 Add Pixifun description for the August 2005 meeting.
06/18/05 meetings05.htm a Add 5 PM, San Jose IBM PC Club, and directions link to each month.
06/18/05 meetings06.htm 0 Add 5 PM, San Jose IBM PC Club, and directions link to each month.
06/18/05 idtheftindex.htm 2 Correct link "How to Put Security Freeze on Your Credit File in CA". 
07/03/05 index.htm c Delete link to software library listing.
07/03/05 software n/a Delete software library listing folder.
07/06/05 meetings05.htm b Split board and general meeting information into two separate tables.
07/06/05 meetings06.htm 1 Split board and general meeting information into two separate tables.
07/06/05 index.htm d Delete Club CD information and picture.
07/07/05 index.htm e Delete dialup upgrade, ethernet conversion & AOL mail fix news.
07/09/05 meetings05.htm c Add September presentation description of Photo Story 3.
07/12/05 index.htm f Add link to August topic/speaker.
07/17/05 index.htm g Add news item about PC health check. 
08/09/05 index.htm h Add link to September topic/speaker & delete discounts news item.
08/15/05 contacts.htm 6 Delete software librarian contact.
08/15/05 contrib.htm 6 Delete software librarian ongoing job.
09/14/05 meetings05.htm d Add October topics of Audio Ripping & Windows Genuine Advantage.
09/14/05 index.htm i Add link to October topic/speaker.
10/10/05 meetings05.htm e Add November topic of Nero6 CD/DVD burning program.
10/11/05 index.htm j Add link to November topic/speaker.
10/24/05 .htaccess 2 Add newsletter descriptions for 2007.
11/01/05 meetings06.htm 2 Add January topic of Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0.
11/08/05 index.htm k Add link to December 2005 meeting information.
11/20/05 directions.htm 3 Change directions to SVL to use Santa Teresa Blvd. to Bailey Ave.
11/20/05 index.htm l Add news item about Bailey Avenue closure for road work.
11/26/05 access.html 7 Change absolute addresses to relative addresses where appropriate.
12/09/05 index.htm m Add news item about the main server move on December 15.
12/13/05 index.htm n Add link to January 2006 meeting information.
12/15/05  index.htm o Add table at top to log progress in the main server move.
12/19/05 index.htm p Modify server news, delete directions, and use relative addressing.
12/19/05 links.htm k Use relative addressing if possible and delete Larry Doutherd's link.
12/19/05 employee.htm 0 Correct computer related links for Lenovo purchase from IBM.
12/19/05 helpindex.htm b Use relative addressing if possible.
12/19/05 log06 New Add page to log Webmaster 2006 updates.
12/19/05 meetings.htm 1 Change link to display 2006 meetings in the main frame window.
12/19/05 meetingslinks.htm 1 Add link to 2007 meeting's page, meetings07.htm.
12/19/05 meetings07.htm New Add new page for 2007 meeting descriptions.
12/19/05 directions.htm 4 Change directions to SVL after the completion of construction.
12/21/05 remote.html None Page is obsolete and was deleted.
12/21/05 index.htm q Delete "Team IBM" obsolete link.
12/21/05 index.html 6 Delete " SJPC Main Server  (Click here for photo)" obsolete link.
12/21/05 access.html 8 Delete "For Linux use ifconfig" obsolete link.
12/21/05 bayarea.htm  0 Delete "CA Highway Patrol.." & "National Weather.." obsolete link.
12/22/05 index.htm r Add news item that dialup server is down.
12/23/05 index.htm s Add news item that dialup server is online.
12/29/05 index.htm t Delete news item that dialup server is online.


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