01/01/06 contacts.htm 7 Add lending library contact.
01/01/06 contrib.htm 7 Add lending library contact & J. Ferrier to newsletter function.
01/02/06 index.htm u Add passwords no longer expire & delete server move news items.
01/10/06 index.htm w Add link to the February meeting description.
01/10/06 meetings06.htm 2 Add February description of the Consumer Electronics Show.
01/30/06 index.htm x Delete section about passwords.
01/30/06 access.html 9 Update section on changing your password.
02/14/06 meetings06.htm 3 Add March description of My Yahoo presentation.
02/14/06 index.htm z Add link to the March meeting description.
02/21/06 index.htm 0 Add mail server down news. Delete password & outgoing server news.
02/23/06 index.htm 1 Replace mail server is down with mail server is up news item.
03/11/06 index.htm 2 Remove mail server is up news item.
03/14/06 meeting06.htm 4 Add April description of MS Digital Image Suite 2006 presentation.
03/14/06 index.htm 3 Add link to the April meeting description.
04/03/06 index.htm 4 Add Google site search.
04/10/06 meetings06.htm 5 Add May description of the Excel presentation.
04/11/06 index.htm 5 Add link to the May meeting description.
04/13/06 index.htm 6 Delete links & info on SJPC dialup and add no more dialup news item.
04/13/06 index.html 7 Delete SJPC dialup server & AOL savings information.
04/13/06 access.html a Delete SJPC dialup server information.
04/13/06 dialersetup.html n/a Delete page.
04/13/06 areadial.htm n/a Delete page.
04/13/06 mailsetup.html 8 Delete SJPC dialup outgoing server information.
04/13/06 mbrship.htm 2 Delete free dialup Internet access information.
04/13/06 tests.htm n/a Delete page.
04/13/06 area.mail.htm 3 Delete SJPC dialup server information.
04/13/06 areadtext.htm 1 Delete SJPC dialup server information.
04/14/06 helpindex.htm c Delete SJPC dialup server links & wording with dialup in it.
04/14/06 areaintro.htm 0 Delete SJPC dialup server information & wording with dialup in it.
04/14/06 access.html a Delete SJPC dialup server information & wording with dialup in it.
04/14/06 areawmail.htm 0 Delete SJPC dialup server information & wording with dialup in it.
04/14/06 index.htm 7 Delete Webboard Conference link.
04/14/06 webboard.html n/a Delete page.
04/14/06 areainternet New Add page for internet access FAQ's.
04/21/06 links.htm l Delete Eric Baker's member link at his request.
04/25/06 meetings06.htm 6 Add June description of Networking for the Home presentation.
04/26/06 index.htm 8 Delete set at home information.
05/09/06 index.htm 9 Add link to June meeting description.
05/21/06 meetingslinks.htm 2 Remove FTP properties for security purposes.
05/27/06 meetings06.htm 7 Add July description of Katchall Archive presentation.
06/14/06 index.htm a Add link to July meeting description.
07/13/06 meetings06.htm 8 Add August description of Open Office Writer and Impress.
07/13/06 index.htm b Add link to August meeting description.
08/08/06 index.htm c Indicate September topic and speaker are to be determined.
08/16/05 meetings06/htm 9 Add September description of
08/16.06 index.htm d Add link to September meeting description.
08/30/06 index.htm e Add recycling news item.
09/10/06 discounts.htm b Add 2006 APCUG discounts & delete 2004-2005 APCUG discounts.
09/10/06 index.htm f Delete recycling news item.
09/12/06 index.htm g Add link to October meeting description.
09/12/06 meetings06.htm a Add October description of Picks for the Digital Home.
09/24/06 index.htm h Add NTI free download of encryption software news item.
09/24/06 index.htm i Delete NTI free download of encryption software news item.
09/28/06 constitution.pdf New Add PDF file of updated Club constitution.
10/12/06 index.htm j Add link to November meeting description.
10/12/06 meetings06.htm b Add November description of Picasa 2.5.
10/12/06 mbrship.htm 4 Change membership form link to go to sjmembpc.pdf.
10/12/06 sjmembpc.htm Delete Delete html version of membership form.
10/12/06 sjmembpc.pdf New Add pdf version of membership form.
10/19/06 IEftp.html 1 Add Internet Explorer 7 FTP procedure.
10/22/06 NetscapeFTP 3 Add Netscape 8 statement about no FTP capability.
10/25/06 meetings06.htm c Update December meeting description to include photo showing.
10/25/06 meetings07.htm 0 Add May description of Smart Computing presentation.
10/26/06 htaccess 3 Add 2008 months to the descriptive text.
11/10/06 index.htm k Add General Meeting room change notice.
11/14/06 index.htm l Add link to Dec. meeting description & delete room change notice.
11/15/06 meetings08.htm New Add new page for 2008 meeting descriptions.
11/15/06 meetingslinks.htm 3 Add link to 2008 meetings page, meetings08.htm..
11/15/06 log07.htm New Add new page for logging changes in 2007.
11/16/06 discounts.htm c Add APCUG discount offer for Laplink.
11/16/06 links.htm m Add link to log07.htm link for 2007 update information.
11/27/06 meetings07.htm 1 Add January description of Windows Vista presentation.
12/01/06 discounts.htm d Delete expired APCUG discount offer for Laplink.
12/12/06 meetings.htm 2 Setup frame to display 2007 meetings descriptions.
12/13/06 index.htm m Add link to January 2007 meeting description of Windows Vista.