01/01/08 helpindex.htm e Delete FTP links, add link to Cyberduck, and change Home Page Info link.
01/01/08 hosting.html 3 Delete FTP links, add FTP to SFTP info, adn Home Page Infor section.
01/01/08 links.htm p Add link to log08.htm for logging 2008 changes.
'01/01/08 index.html 8 Add sentence stating SFTP is required for web hosting.
01/01/08 areahost.htm 1 Correct for SFTP operation.
01/01/08 winscp.htm 0 Correct for SFTP operation.
01/14/08 index.htm 4 Add link to February meeting description.
01/14/08 meetings08.htm 1 Add February description of Windows Media Center.
01/28/08 directions.htm 5 Delete Room K222 and add link to meeting page to get room number.
01/28/08 mbrship.htm 4 Delete Room K222 from meeting description.
02/01/08 mediacenter.pdf New Add Windows Media Center description to presentations folder.
02/01/08 meetings08.htm 3 Add link to mediacenter.pdf file.
02/02/08 index.htm 5 Change the date of  migration to the new server to February 2008
02/04/08 index.hmt 6 Add note about General Meeting parking and entry due to loading dock work.
02/06/08 meetings08.htm 4 Add April description of One Laptop Per Child.
02/09/08 index.htm 7 Replace news about upgrading to improve safeguards.
02/10/08 meetings08.htm 5 Add March description on electronic waste recycling.
02/12/08 index.htm 8 Add link to March meeting description.
02/18/08 digitaltv.htm 2 General update of digital television information.
02/19/08 meetings.htm 6 Update March description with descriptive information from the speaker.
02/22/08 digitaltv.htm 3 Add information on OEM operation and add internal links to sections..
03/11/08 index.htm 9 Add link to April meeting description.
04/07/08 software.html 0 Correct Codestuff Starter to link to
04/08/08 meetings08.htm 7 Add May description on Windows Vista.
04/08/08 index.htm a Add link to May meeting description.
04/08/08 meetings08.htm 8 Add link to presenter's picture in the April meeting description.
05/10/08 meetings08.htm 9 Change meeting room numbers to new assignments by Stew.
05/10/08 meetings09.htm 0 Change meeting room numbers to new assignments by Stew.
05/12/08 links.htm q Add link to Overclocking and Cooling Your Processor Video.
05/13/08 meetings08.htm a Add June desccription on GIMP.
05/13/08 index.htm b Add link to June meeting description.
05/15/08 digitaltv.htm 4 Add information on image retention on LCD screens.
06/05/08 meetings.htm b Add July description on Walt Cole's software choices.
06/05/08 index.htm c Add 2009 paper Newsletter discontinuance news item.
06/05/08 newsletter.htm 2 Correct for discontinuance of the paper newsletter in 2009.
06/05/08 mbrship.htm 5 Correct for discontinuance of the paper newsletter in 2009.
06/06/08 areaother.htm e Correct link to help site with fix for Outlook Express 6 spell checker.
06/12/08 index.htm d Add July link, remove web mail link & re-title PC Club Newsletter link.
06/14/08 meetings.htm c Add September description on Adobe Photoshop Express.
06/22/08 newsletter.htm 3 Add prose that Newsletter access is blocked for non PC Club members.
07/09/08 index.htm e Add link to August meeting description.
07/09/08 meetings08.htm d Move July description to August.  Indicate July meeting cancelled due to power outage.
08/12/08 index.htm f Add link to September meeting description.
09/09/08 index.htm g Add link to October meeting description.
09/09/08 meetings08.htm e Add October description on Picasa 3.
10/03/08 newsletter.htm 4 Add "employee/retiree" to" IBM serial number" descriptive text after "IBM"
10/14/08 index.htm h Add link to November meeting description.
10/16/08 meetings08.htm f Add November description on Picasa Facial Recognition, Picnik & FotoFlexer.
10/20/08 .htaccess 5 Add descriptive text to index for 2010 newsletters.
11/01/08 index.htm i Add link to new server user guide.  Delete obsolete information on subject.
11/08/08 index.htm j Add new link to new server user guide. Delete obsolete link to Free Downloads.
11/11/08 index.html 9 Replace content with Alan Baker's user guide for the new server.
11/11/08 helpindex.htm f Delete Internet Access, Web Email, Text ModeAccess & Pre W95/Linux links.
11/11/08 winscp.htm 1 Change WinSCP setup from SFTP to FTP.
11/12/08 helpindex.htm g Add CMD prompt, WS-FTP, User Guide. Delete NS, AOL, Spam &  Cyberduck.
11/12/08 wsftp.html 0 Correct download link and add warning against using WS-FTP LE.
11/12/08 area.intro.htm 1 Include & update methods finding help including link to User Guide..
11/12/08 mailsetup.html a Delete AOL and Netscape setfup.  Correct for new server.
11/12/08 spam.htm 4 Delete Netscape method of accessing spam folder..
11/12/08 areamail.htm 4 Delete Netscape mail FAQ's..
11/12/08 hosting.html 4 Correct to FTP only, no tilte, no IE, and new directory names.
11/12/08 ftp.html 0 Eliminate obsolete Windows list.  Correct for new server login text.
11/12/08 areahost.htm 2 Correct FAQ's to FTP, directory names, and backup information..
11/12/08 areaother.htm g Eliminate FAQ's on Netscape and SSL negotiating FAQ.
11/13/08 email.html 3 Remove getting assistance link which is now a help index link..
11/13/08 access.html n/a Delete obsolete file from internet folder.
11/13/08 NetscapeFTP.html n/a Delete obsolete file from internet folder.
11/13/08 putty.htm n/a Delete obsolete file from internet folder.
11/13/08 areainternet.htm n/a Delete obsolete file from trouble folder.
11/13/08 areawmail.htm n/a Delete obsolete file from trouble folder.
11/13/08 areatext n/a Delete obsolete file from trouble folder.
11/15/08 spam.htm n/a Delete obsolete file from internet folder
11/15/08 index.html n/a Delete obsolete file from internet folder.
11/15/08 IEftp.htm n/a Delele obsolete file form internet folder.
11/16/08 mailsetup.html b Thunderbird mail setup updated by Alan Baker.
11/18/08 mailsetup.html c Add OE and Windows Mail use same mail setup procedure.. Add use IE6 for security. 
11/18/08 hosting.html 5 Delete browser list.  Include only WinSCP and Filezilla.
11/18/08 WSftp.html 1 Add don't use. Delete setup procedure to discourage use.
11/19/08 filezilla.htm New Add FileZilla FTP procedure to internet folder.
11/19/08 helpindex.htm h Add link to FileZilla FTP procedure page.
11/21/08 discounts.htm 0 Delete obsolete discounts.  Add Lenovo discounts for IBM employees & retirees.j
11/22/08 index.htm k Add link to meeting description.  Delete obsolete IBM, Bay Area & Spam links.
11/22/08 employee.htm n/a Delete obsolete file.
11/22/08 bayarea.htm n/a Delete obsolete file.
11/24/08 links.htm r Delete obsolete member links.
11/24/08 digitaltv.htm n/a Delete obsolete file.
12/02/08 newsletters.htm 5 Revised by Alan Baker to reflect 2009 change to online newsletters only.
12/04/08 contrib.htm 0 Delete newsletter production & distribution function.
12/09/08 index.htm l Add link to the January meeting description
12/09/08 meetings.htm 4 Link to 2009 meetings as default display.
12/09/08 meetinglinks.htm 5 Add link to 2010 meetings.
12/09/08 meetings10.htm New Add page for 2010 meeting descriptions.
12/09/08 links.htm s Add member link to 2009 update log.
12/23/08 meetings09.htm 1 Add January meeting description.