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Renew your membership for 2020

See the Membership link in the column at the left for instructions and a membership application form.

Meeting Schedule

At the January 2019 general meeting, a resolution was passed to change the Club's meeting schedule. Starting in 2019, the Club will meet six times a year on the second Tuesday of the odd numbered months, January, March, May, July, September, and November at 5:00 p.m. Meetings will not be held in the even numbered months.

For a list of meeting speakers and topics for the year, click the Meetings link in column on the left.

General Meetings

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the PC Club has cancelled in-person meetings until further notice. We will have virtual meetings using jitsi, an open source virtual meeting application. If you have a laptop with a camera or a computer with a webcam and a microphone, you will be able to participate in the meeting. All of the attendees will be able to see and hear each other. If you have a microphone and no camera, you will be able to participate in the discussion, but the other attendees will not be able to see you. If you don't have a camera or a microphone, you can still attend and watch and listen.

A meeting link will be emailed to club members before each meeting.

July Virtual Meeting--7/14/2020

The July meeting has been cancelled (due to jury duty)   

May Virtual Meeting--5/12/2020 (Our first virtual meeting)

Subject:  Using the online services of the library
Speaker:  Walt Cole

Even though all library branches are temporarily closed, they still offer a number of services that you can access from your computer at home. You can check out online eBooks and eMusic, you can attend online courses, and more. In this meeting, you will learn what services are available and how to use them.

March General Meeting--3/10/2020

Subject:  Voice Computing, how you can make things happen by only speaking
Speaker:  Troy Wolverton

Troy is a Senior Tech Editor at Business Insider. Previously, he worked as a technology columnist, editor and reporter for the Mercury News. He is a longtime tech journalist who has covered everything from Amazon to Yahoo.

An article on the subject from the Business Insider can be found at

January General Meeting--1/14/2020

Subject:  Interesting YouTube Videos
Speakers:  Club members and guests

Members and guests are invited to bring links to their favorite YouTube videos. The videos can be on any subject and cover anything that might be of interest to the group.

November General Meeting--11/12/2019

Subject: Annual Photo Sharing Show and Tell
Speakers: Members and Guests

Bring some photos that you would like to share. The guidelines are as follows:

No more than 25 photos per person.
No more than 10 minutes per person.
Photos must have been taken in 2019.
Photos must be on a flash drive or CD/DVD.

Club Newsletter

For many years Dick Stuart did an outstanding job editing our club newsletter. It is with much sadness that we report that Dick passed away on March 30, 2017. We will miss him.  We all agreed that no one would be able to replace Dick as newsletter editor, so in lieu of future newsletters, you might find some interesting PC related information on the websites of the Association of Personal Computer User Groups or the Golden Gate Computer Society. Also some good Windows 10 reference material can be found here and here

PDF copies of our previous newsletters can be accessed by clicking Club Newsletters in the left-hand menu.

Secret Guide to Computers & Tricky Living

The latest edition of this handy reference has been posted here. Check it out.

One Hundred Icons of Progress

For the IBM Centennial Beverly Baker put together a PowerPoint presentation depicting IBM's major accomplishments throughout its first one hundred years. It is really well done. A PDF version of the presentation is on this website. Click here to view it.

Can Your Car be Hacked?

Read an interesting blog by Bob Rankin about how vulnerable some of the new cars are to having their controls hacked from the outside. Hackers could potentially take over a car's engine, breaks, steering, or even windshield wipers. Read the blog here:

Printer and Monitor Calibration File

Take a look at the new printer and monitor calibration file contributed by Ed Mueller. Click the link in the column on the left.

Sixty years of star parties with the San Jose Astronomical Association

On September 19th the San Jose Mercury News printed an article about the San Jose Astronomical Association. The article highlighted some of the activities that our club postmaster, Jim Van Nuland, is doing to bring the Association's Outreach Program to the schools. Jim visits schools in San Jose and neighboring cities and sets up telescopes for night viewing activities. You can read the article at

Thunderbird upgrade

The Thunderbird email client may issue an erroneous message about the TLS security protocol being disabled at  If you encounter this message, please change Thunderbird's server setting from TLS to SSL.  For more information about email at, click here.

PC Health Check

Due to the smaller size of our new meeting room, we will no longer be able to provide a PC Health Check at our meetings. However, information about software that members can use to do their own PC health check is at

Your PC Club Needs You

There are many different jobs, and most require only a small amount of time.